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Come visit my store on CafePress!
At Cafe press you may look at, critically review and even buy my art. It's a place where everyone may up-load their art, wacky ideas and photos and make them into sellable products . Come visit. I won't get rich as an Artist, however you may enjoy what you'd like !

There have been many people that have expressed interest in acquiring my art.
This little site, , designed by Katharine Leis provides the opportunity to purchase some of the best pieces of my work. The prints are open editions, high quality, printed on heavy bright white paper.  Printing is by Bristol Bugle News & Printing, Bristol, Indiana.

These sales are handled by my daughter, Hilary (Hendrie) Ross. We thank you for your interest.


The marvelous work of Jacqueline Gnott
Jacqueline Gnott, my friend, an exceptionally talented Artist and a wonderful lady with a big heart on her sleeve. Her gift of talent comes naturally having been tucked inside her for years. The advent of the computer world helped push her to her art. Her children are her dogs and her paintings and the items in her paintings tie her to her family...her heart. Please visit her site, enjoy her art and buy her prints.  and

Katharine Leis owns Ikodidit and Ikoproductions. Kat is a model, playful artist, writer, movie maker/mogul and a down to earth beautiful person. Unlike many models, her ego is set aside for more important things, helping animals, people, the environment and picking up people's feelings. I did my first real art of Kat after I had my stroke. I still have another piece to do of her Mum. I'm still working on that one. Please check out her sites and discover her for yourself.
Dick and Jolene Lehman. Partnered individuals I hold as friends. The beginning years of being an Elkhart Art League member and taking part in competitions weave in many friends and Dick is at the top of the list.
Dick owns his own pottery shop in the Old Bag Factory located in Goshen, Indiana. His shop provides high class pottery and ceramics.  I have several I treasure. Someday I hope to have a complete dinner set, each different and unique. Stop in and visit Dick's shop. Leave a healing prayer for him too in his winning fight with cancer.
Circa Arts Gallery is owned by Kathy Reddy White and Gary White, husband and wife. Kathy I have known as the beautiful, happy, smiling sales lady behind the counter at Makielski Art Shop. Now with Gary they own their own Gallery, an up-scale eclectic grouping of wonderful artists in South Bend, Indiana.  Kathy the painter and tile artist married the "wood rat" restauranteur,  both with grand vision of a successful art community. Come visit their site and go to the gallery. It's worth the visit
Zazzle is a great site to up-load your art to create your own products including stamps. I really like Zazzle to promote the sales of my products. If there is a piece of my art you would like to buy in a product, please just let me know.

Accents Custom Framing & Gifts
Accents Custom Framing and Gifts is owned by Lauren Hodges. Her shop has a little bit of everything including wonderful items for gifts, art, art prints, stuff for kids . I know I fell in love with her the first time I met her. She has that affect on people. Lauren provided critical inspiration for me to keep doing my art.  Her shop is also at the Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana on the second floor. 
Don and Marj Hershberger are a unique couple having promoted the Arts for longer than I can remember. Luckily for the Michiana Community, Marj lets Don come out and play. I've known them both since....well, I'm not sure when? Don is a scientist, artist, photographer, thought provider, husband, dad, grandpa, friend and more. When I teach I use him as an example for the students. He is also the designer of this site, something I've wanted to do since the early 1990's. With he and Marj's kindness, I now have a web site.  My heart felt thanks to Don and Marj !!!
Mandata is owned by the self taught computer geek and friend Steve Ludlow. I've known Steve since long before he wooed his wife Becky. Steve retains every bit of knowledge that goes into his head, unlike my old ability to remember waitress' names, well that is gone now. Steve has rebuilt my computer twice. He kept telling me I would love the computer. He was right !  Anything involving a computer, he can put together or fix, including all those computer terms the rest of us can't even pronounce. Thanks Steve for all your help ! 
Hi-tech Heat is owned by Bradley Waring. A good friend, Kip Czoch, brought us: Brad, Walter Nunez and myself together in a meeting about a cartoon. The cartoon promotes and advertises In-Floor Electric Heat for motorhomes and RV's. The cartoon has evolved into "The Adventures of Chilly Billy" an emperor penguin looking to just get his feet warm. His adventures started in 1999, I think. Due to Brad's help providing work and regular financial payments, I have been able to keep my things in storage, pay car insurance and eat. He has literally kept me alive. Thank you Brad for everything.
Greg and Cindy of Designed Frames have understood how to fit an individual artist's budget to their framing needs.  Whether it be for needle point or high end fine art paintings or prints, as artists themselves they understand the customer's needs.