The Art of
Scott L


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An Old Pepsi sign


My take on Indiana tourism, the "Wander Indiana" cow


Goshen Electric Shoe Shop sign



Filling Station where Jim Stone had his first job




Gingerbread over an old house porch




Custom framed watercolor of a delicious apple on a branch
"Golden Delicious on Branch" is currently showing at Circa Arts in South Bend, Indiana.
It features a custom made and painted frame made from recycled wood.


A Glorious Christmas Morning




Blue Iris watercolor and construction framing it

The Blue Iris watercolor above left was incorporated into a construction (on the right, different scale) along with a ceramic piece
and given as a gift for a friend and her daughter.  The ceramic piece was found in their yard after they had moved and my son and I found it.
 I'm working on a clock version.


the Old Bag Factory, Goshen, IN, Welcome Sign


Hilary's Viola



the Elements of a Japanese Garden



A Fairy among the Tiger Lilies


Colin and his first Teddy Bear



The Holiday Bell


My 2nd Indiana cow, "Steer me to Indiana" just recently finished