The Art of
Scott L

There is a special feeling to the Midwest portion of the United States, especially here in Indiana. Many folks travel to experience what they can during a short visit here, while others choose to stay and live it. I, Artist Scott L. Hendrie was born and raised in the Heart of the Midwest and whole heartedly chose to remain and raise my children here.

My roots go deep and the love of the Midwest that stems from this rootedness finds expression through my artwork. I capture what I love - the unadorned, the gentle life of the Amish community, strong Midwestern architectural landmarks...singular items that link us to "the good ol' days".

They say I'm a unique personality, to be enjoyed by everyone. As much as I  embrace my Midwest heritage, I also have a joy about life and living that bubbles out in a style of humor that is often droll, usually corny, sometimes thought provoking and always intended to encourage and uplift. It is my hope that you enjoy the feeling of the Midwest as I present it to you "straight from the heart".

Having had a stroke in 2002, my outlook on life remains the same, goofy with a serious side and the pace of a turtle


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